Available Timeslots

Our annual programmatic offerings experience minimal change from year to you and typically follow the schedule listed below. Time slots will be updated as changes do occur however, so please be sure to reference this list prior to organizing your team. Official time slots that will be offered will be locked one week prior to the start of registration.

Spring Quarter 2014




Dodgeball Championship Sunday 5-7pm
Premier Sunday 7-9pm
Indoor Volleyball Championship Wednesday 8-10pm
Premier Tuesday 7-10pm

4v4 Sand Volleyball

Championship Thursday 4 - 7pm
Premier Thursday 4 - 7pm 
Championship Friday 4 - 7pm 
Premier Friday 4 - 7pm 
Outdoor Soccer  Championship Monday 5-8pm 
Premier Monday 5-8pm 
Championship Wednesday 5-8pm 
Premier  Wednesday 5-8pm 
Championship Thursday 5-8pm 
Premier  Thursday 5-8pm 
Championship Friday 5-8pm 
Premier Friday 5-8pm 
3v3 Basketball  All Skill Levels  Friday 4-7pm
All Skill Levels Tuesday 5-7pm
5v5 Basketball  All Skill Levels Monday 5-8pm
All Skill Levels Thursday 5-8pm
Coed Bball All Skill Levels Wednesday 5-8pm
Softball  Premier Monday 5:00pm 
Championship Monday 6:30pm 
Championship  Thursday 5:00pm
Premier  Thursday 6:30 pm 
Championship  Friday 4:00 pm 
Premier   Friday 5:30 pm 
Innertube Water Polo All Skill Levels Sunday 4-7pm
Flag Football  Premier Tuesday 5-6:15pm 
Championship  Tuesday 6:15-7:30pm 
Ultimate Frisbee Premier  Wednesday 5 - 6:15pm 
Championship Wednesday 6:15 - 7:30pm