League Descriptions

The following are descriptions regarding IM Sports Leagues. 

In order to accommodate as many people as possible, participants are allowed to participate on ONE OPEN team and ONE CoEd team per sport. Not all sports offer both an OPEN and CoEd league, but one or the other.

When it comes to determining what OPEN league you want to participate in, either a Championship league or a Premier league, we ask that you play at the appropriate skill level so that we can maintain a safe and fair environment as best as possible. As often as possible both Premier and Championship Leagues will be offered. In some instances registration numbers will dictate the final league composition. 

  • Open - There are no gender requirements for Open leagues. Any number of males and/or females can play on teams in this division. 

  • Co-Ed - Competition in this division consists of approximately 50% male and 50% female participation. Teams must adhere to specific Coed participation and roster rules of their sport. Rules for each particular sport can be found online. 
  • Premier - Premier Leagues are considered more competitive in nature. They are structured to accommodate our most skilled and advanced players and teams, and to provide growing teams with a competitive environment to strengthen their skills and rise to the challenge. Ex-varsity participants are required to compete in Premier Leagues when offered.
  • Championship - Championship Leagues, while still competitive, are considered less competitive in nature when compared to the Premier League. They are structured to accommodate novice and beginner players and to provide budding teams with an environment to expand their horizons, try new things, and strengthen their skills.