Policies and Procedures

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs - Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are not permitted at any IM program activity. Possession of these substances will lead to removal from the league. Those under the influence (including your spectators) will be asked to leave. Those who fail to cooperate will forfeit the game and face disciplinary action. 

Eligibility –  The UCSC Intramural Sports program is open to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty, Staff, and Alumni (Affiliates) who hold a current OPERS Wellness Card may also participate. Starting in Spring 2014 the IM Program will also support the use of Day Passes for Fac/Staff to participate in leagues. Alums are eligible to participate in IM Sports so long as they possess a current membership in any University of California Alumni Association. Alums are automatically University of California Alumni Association members for their first year after graduating after which they need to contact the Alumni Association and become a member. The IM Program does not currently support Non Alum Association Members/Non Affiliate/Community Wellness Card Members. Detailed information regarding facility use/access and rates is available online. 

Varsity Athletes – Varsity Athletes who are currently on the roster and practicing with the Varsity team are not eligible to participate in their associated sport. In other words, a varsity basketball player cannot play IM 5v5 Basketball or 3v3 Basketball or any additional form of basketball. They can however, play any and all other IM Sports.

Former / Ex-Varsity Athletes – NO EX-VARSITY PLAYERS are allowed to participate in Championship Divisions, They must participate at the most advanced/highest skilled division offered (Premier). Graduating Ex-Varsity players become eligible at the beginning of the quarter following the conclusion of their last varsity season. The Ex-Varsity definition includes anyone who has played Varsity at any time during their collegiate career as well as Red Shirts. Participants are no longer considered Ex-Varsity after two years of not appearing on varsity roster. NO more than 2 GRADUATING/EX VARSITY PLAYERS are allowed per team for futsal, volleyball, and basketball. For outdoor soccer the maximum is 3.

Eligibility & Rosters/Waivers – To become eligible, IM participants must create an account on IM Leagues and be added to their team's roster. In doing so they have signed the IM Sports participation waiver. Failing to create an account and being added to a team's roster and still attempting to, or successfully participating in, an IM Sports contest/game may result in the team being issued a forfeit for participating with an ineligible player. Participants are not eligible until they have created an account and been added to a team's roster. 

Roster Format – Roster sizes will be determined by the formula of double the format size plus 2. In other words, for a 7v7 flag football league, the roster limit will be 16 (7+7+2). This roster format is to ensure that you have enough team members to see your team through to the season, taking into account the opportunity for injury, travel, schoolwork, etc. Additionally our roster sizes are formatted such that there is some level of consistency within the team from week to week.

Roster Complete/Minimum Number to Play - To avoid being dropped from the league, teams must have the minimum number to play registered on their roster on IM Leagues prior to their team’s first game. This provides us with the opportunity to proactively mitigate the chances of a team forfeiting and deliver the opposing team a game that is assured to occur.

Roster Locking Date – In addition to the roster format specifications listed above, rosters will lock at the end of the first three weeks of play. This provides the IM Sports participant with enough time to play on multiple teams/shop around, and find the right fit for their interest and skill level. Much like the roster size format specifications listed above, this format addition should lend to promoting a fair environment while providing some level of consistency within the team from week to week and create an environment within IM Sports that is distinct from traditional pick up style play.

ID Check Policy – IM Sports checks ID cards prior to the start of IM games. This is to ensure adequate safety and fairness within our leagues. Just as you need your UCSC ID card to access the Wellness Center, you need your UCSC ID to participate in IM Sports. Only UCSC IDs will be accepted as it is the only single piece of identification that has your photo, your student number, your name, and serves as proof of insurance. The IM Supervisors on the fields/courts will not accept your driver’s license or any other form of ID for the purposes of ID checks. If your team participates in an IM game with a person who has not checked in with their ID and/or is found to be participating without appropriate identification, that game will be automatically forfeit.

Protests - Protests can be submitted only for concerns regarding Ineligible Participants. Protests may not be submitted for rulings on the court/fields or game outcomes.  Ineligible participant protests must be issued by noon the day after the contest.  Please communicate your intent to protest a player's eligibility to the SPV on duty and email the IM Coordinator immediately.

Forfeits – The IM Program has the authority to remove a team after they record two forfeits during any given season. Teams who forfeit out of the league are not eligible for a refund of their Team Fee in whole or part. Teams who display a pattern of forfeiting out of leagues and across multiple sports and quarters of play may become ineligible to participate in IM Sports at the discretion of the IM Sports Leadership Team. 

Forfeits During the Game - If, during the game, as a result of injury, a team falls below the minimum number of players required to start the game, the team will be allowed to continue the game at the Supervisor's discretion. 

Rescheduling Requests - Requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the originally scheduled game time to avoid a forfeit. If courtesy is extended by the 48 hour deadline your team will not be penalized with a forfeit but will be issued a default which will not be weighed as heavily against your team when considering playoff advancement and seeding. Rescheduling accommodations are not guaranteed due to limited time/space but we will do our best.

Playoff Advancement – Teams that have not forfeit a game, have a winning percentage, and an acceptable Sportsmanship Rating at the end of the regular season will be eligible to advance to the playoffs. The number of teams that advance to the playoffs will be determined by the amount of space and time that the IM Sports department can provide/accommodate due to daylight, weather, and space/reservations. We will strive to advance as many teams as possible.

Individuals Participating in the Playoffs – Individuals must participate TWICE (in at least two games) with their team during the regular season in order to participate with the team during the playoffs. This policy promote a fair environment while providing some level of consistency within the team from week to week such that IM Sports participation is distinct from traditional pick up style play.

Ejections - Ejected participants are immediately suspended indefinitely from all leagues. To become eligible/reinstated, a written petition must be given to the IM Coordinator within 48 hours of the ejection and include 1) a typed description of incident, 2) an explanation of your actions, 3) rationale for why reinstatement should be granted,  4) a current mailing address, local phone number, e-mail, student ID number. All pertinent information will then be reviewed and a decision will be made within one business day. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the ejection the case may be submitted to campus judicial affairs for consideration. 

Sportsmanship Rating System - UCSC is committed to promoting and protecting an environment that values and supports every person in an atmosphere of civility, honesty, cooperation, professionalism and fairness. As such, OPERS, expects that every campus member will practice the 7 Principles of Community. Collectively we strive to be: Diverse: Open: Purposeful: Caring: Just: Disciplined: and Celebrative. To that end In order to encourage proper conduct, attitudes and behaviors that model the 7 principals of community, and support the IM Sports Code of Conduct, the IM Sports Department has adopted a Sportsmanship Rating System. Ratings will be assigned by the League Coordinators and Officials on site. The rating system and criteria is available online.

Code of Conduct - Please reference the IM Sports Code of Conduct for additional information on expectations and participant failure to meet expectations and consequences of being held accountable.