Payroll Deduction Program 2013-214 

OPERS Membership Information

An OPERS Membership Card provides access the East Field House facility during operating hours. This includes use of the Wellness Center, Pool, Tennis Courts, Racquetball Courts, East Gym, and locker rooms. Please reference the OPERS website at for information on hours of operation, open lap swimming times, drop in hours, procedures for reserving tennis and racquetball courts, and locker rentals. Beginning Fall Quarter 2013, an OPERS Membership Card will also provide access to a new exercise space at the West Field House. In addition, Membership Card holders are eligible to take Physical Education classes and participate in Intramural Sports.

Eligibility for Payroll Deductions

Any UCSC Staff or Faculty member working who is currently on payroll for the year for more than 50% time.  When you sign up you must have your UCSC Staff ID number and a photo ID.   If you are renewing bring your prior OPERS Membership Card. 


Can I and how do I sign up my spouse/domestic partner/child on my payroll deductions and get their cards?

Each person covered by your UCSC Benefits is eligible to purchase a membership card at the UC Affiliate rate. To receive the UC Affiliate rate individuals must bring in a copy of your Staff ID card, verification of relationship, and a completed application to pick up or renew their cards. If you choose to purchase your family member's card with Payroll Deduction please let us know.  

How do I sign up?

If you have never had a membership card come by our office with your UCSC Staff ID Card (a white paper card with the Chancellor's signature), a photo ID and be prepared to have your picture taken.  The office is located on the second floor of the East Field House.  Office hours are 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. 

How do I renew?

To renew your card fill out a Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and a Facility Waiver and mail it to OPERS through campus mail. (Mail stop is OPERS.)
Apply online at:
Apply from your cell phone: 

Payroll Deduction Policies  

  • No refunds
  • Card holder is to renew each year
  • Must work 50% time or more to qualify
  • There is an early cancellation fee of $30.00.   
  • Card holder is responsible for fees for duration of agreement.
  • Payroll deductions are the year’s contract divided into smaller payments.
  • Replacement Cards are to be purchased by cash, check or credit card only.   
Schedule of Payroll Deductions Per Card: 

Applied by:       Payroll Period    Quarters Active    Monthly    Declining

6/12/13              June                   Summer - Spring  $ 25.00      $ 274.00

7/12/13              July                    Summer - Spring  $ 28.00      $ 274.00

8/12/13              August                Summer - Spring  $ 31.00      $ 274.00

9/12/13              September          Fall - Spring         $ 31.00      $ 246.00

10/12/13            October               Fall - Spring         $ 36.00      $ 246.00

11/12/13            November           Fall - Spring         $ 41.00       $ 246.00

12/12/13            December           Winter - Spring     $ 33.00       $ 164.00

1/12/14              January              Winter - Spring     $ 41.00       $ 164.00

2/12/14              February            Winter - Spring      $ 55.00       $ 164.00

3/12/14             March                 Spring only            $ 45.00       $  82.00 

4/1/14               April                   Spring only            $ 82.00       $  82.00