UCSC Staff & Faculty Memberships Rates

Persons who present current UC Staff ID cards, a Staff ID# and a photo ID Cards may purchase an OPERS Facility Usage Membership at the Staff/Faculty rate. Any persons unable to show proof of affiliation may purchase a membership at the Community/Non-affiliate rate.

These are the rates for 2014-15 year beginning July 1, 2014. 


$5 - Day Pass

$22.84 - Monthly (paid by cash, check or credit card)

$20 per month, continuing and ongoing until you cancel it, only available through Payroll Deduction.

Minors 16-17 years old - Parent or Guardian must be present to use the facilities

$5 - Day Pass

$22.84 - Monthly 

Minors 8-15 years old - Cannot use the Wellness Center even with a Parent or Guardian present

$2.50 - Day Pass

$9.35 - Monthly 

Minors 7 years and under

Access is free and minor must be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times.