Head injuries account for a significant percentage of injuries sustained during participation in collegiate athletics. It is important to understand that traumatic head injury can occur in any sport and during all types of activity (games, practices, conditioning, etc.). Head injuries are often difficult to detect and the assessment, management, and return-to-play decision associated with these injuries are among the most difficult responsibilities facing sports medicine professionals. Presenting an additional challenge, is the fact that student athletes suffering from a n acute head injury often underreport their injury, minimize with injury symptoms, or do not recognize that an injury has even occurred.

As such, UCSC club and recreational sports have implemented a concussion protocol that falls in compliance with the National Athletic Trainers Association and National Collegiate Athletic Association recommendations. Education will be give to student athletes and coaches in the form of informational handouts, and an acknowledgement of such will be signed by each athlete. Consistently, the following protocol will outline the process for management and return to play following a concussion.

Here are the documents related to Concussion Protocols and Policies here at UCSC Sports Clubs