Non Competitive Sports Clubs Offered

Warrior Yoga instuction


AikidoBackpacking Club / Ballroom Dance Club / Breakdance Club / Camp KesemCheer Team / Circus SlugsDance Team / Grappling Club / JudoKayak Club / Kendo Club / Muay ThaiNinjustu Club / Table Tennis / Taekwondo Club / Tango Dance Club / Wushu Club 


Non Competitive Sports Clubs Offered

Non Competitive Sports Clubs were recently called Recreation Clubs. This year, in an effort to gain uniformity and continuity, the Recreation and Sports Clubs listing have been combined into one listing: Sports Clubs. A seperation has been created to allow for distinctions between the two, Competitive Sports Clubs and Non Competitive Sports Clubs. Non Competitive Sports Clubs are clubs who's central focus is not on competing in formal competitions against other Universities. Clubs who have 2 or less formal competitions are catagorized as Non Competitive Sports Clubs. 

All Sports Clubs are student driven and serve as a crucial recreational outlet. The basic philosophy of the Sports Club Program is two fold; First and foremost, it is to provide a healthy and supportive atmosphere that celebrates the respective activities as culture. Secondly, it is to be as effecient as possible while keeping within the parameters of sportsmanship and goodwill. There is no true uniformity between Sports Club teams. Some compete against other schools in set leagues while others have a more casual approach. Some compete against other Division III schools while others compete against the big schools in Division I. The single unifying aspect of all Sports Club Teams is their passion for sport.

All Sports Club participants are expected to be fit and able to practice and compete without hindrance. Some sports require a physical in order to participate. All participants are required to fill out a Medical History Update form. Due to the low level of funding for Sports Club Teams, you may be expected to pay for team fees, uniforms and other costs associated with participating on a team.

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