West Field House

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    West Gym


    Square Foot: 7625

    Bleacher Seating capacity is 350 people.

    Court Deminsions: Basketball 94' x 50', Volleyball 59' x 29' 6" and Badminton 44' x 20'

    Includes: Hardwood Floor, 6 Adjustable Basketball Hoops, Court Lining: Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Bleachers, Upper Balcony and Scoreboard.

    Activities: Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Dance, Fencing and Futsal

    Rent the West Field House

    Directions to West Field House

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  • West Tennis Courts

    Court Dimensions: 6 Standard Courts, size 75' x 35'

    Capacity: 4 Players per court

    Includes: Tennis Court lines, Nets, Benches, Lights and Official Stands

    Activities: Tennis

    How to Reserve the Facility: Facility Rental

    Specific Policies: West Tennis Courts

    Directions: W. Field House

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