OPERS Fest Policies


Tues. Sept. 26, 2017    3:00 - 6:00 pm

Event Description, Policies, and Guidelines (updated 5/2/17)

This resource fair is held annually on a Tuesday directly preceding the first day of instruction (traditionally a Thursday) for Fall Quarter. The primary target audience for attendees is new students to UCSC - incoming freshman, transfer students, and new graduate students. However, all students are welcome. Admission is free. The purpose is to showcase the wide array of student organizations, campus offices as well as organizations from the Santa Cruz community who provide services to UCSC students.

All organizations in the OPERS Fest must be registered.

OPERS Fest Organizations Guidelines:

All organizations are expected to behave with civility and appropriate conduct. This means, creating and fostering a community that is safe and as welcoming as possible to each individual.

This is a ZERO WASTE event!

UCSC has a goal of producing Zero Waste by the year 2020. This means that all resources from campus will be reduced, reused, composted, or recycled instead of going into the landfill. OPERS works in conjunction with Dining Services, the Sustainability Office, Recycling Services and the Student Environmental Center to reduce the amount of waste produced by the Fall Festival. Participants are expected to follow these simple sustainability guidelines:

  • No Bottled Water - do not bring cases of bottled water. There are water fountains and stations available. BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE TO REFILL.

  • Re-use Cardboard Boxes - please consider bringing your supplies in a reusable container such as a crate or large canvas bag. If you bring it in a cardboard box, save it and reuse it. If you must recycle, please break it down and deliver to the cardboard recycling location.

  • Give-Aways - if you are planning to promote your group by giving away an item, try to think of something that does not produce a lot of garbage. An ice cream bar that is individually packaged in a wrapper AND a box AND is on a stick produces a lot of garbage. Whereas a promotional pen is something that will be used.

  • Reduce Paper - only quarter sheets will be allowed All flyers must be distributed from your table. Handing out flyers along walking paths is not allowed.

  • No Balloons - After an event, they become garbage that is not biodegradable and never goes away. They often float away and the small pieces of rubber become litter in the natural environment. Flags and banners that can be reused are encouraged. 

To learn more about Zero Waste events on campus, visit http://sustainability.ucsc.edu/about/resources/zerowaste

Setting Up Your Table

Each group will receive one table and two folding chairs. The location of your table is assigned by the Fall Festival organizers.

The following items are allowed:

  • Table cloths

  • Literature displays on the table

  • Flags and banners that drape over the table

  • Equipment that is relevant to your activity - i.e. lacrosse sticks for lacrosse club.

The following items are NOT allowed:

  • Unauthorized activities that go beyond the area around your table and disturb the groups around you.

  • Alcohol

  • Smoking

  • Tobacco Products

If you have an additional activity that is directly related to your group that falls outside these parameters, contact Fall Festival organizers for review and approval.

Access to the East Field House and Parking Lot #103

  • We encourage you to walk to the event.

  • However, if you have items that must be delivered by car, the service road will be open for a time to be determined.

  • Traffic will run one-way and you must enter from Hagar Drive by the Wellness Center.

  • We suggest you have two or more people, one driver for the car, and the others to quickly unload and stay with the supplies while the driver takes the car to a parking lot.

After the Event

This is a huge event that takes a lot of coordination to make it happen. We appreciate your help and cooperation to work collectively all the way to the end, so we all can be proud of putting on a great event for the campus community.

  • Please fold up your table and two chairs at the end of the event and carry them to the designated location

  • LEAVE NO TRACE - please be sure to clean up your area, pick up all trash, even if it is not from your table.

  • The service road will be open for vehicle access beginning at 6:00pm to pick up supplies. Please bring your supplies to the pick up area first, then bring in vehicle for quick loading and drive out. 


*This policies are subject to change.