OPERS Fest Registration

Registration is now OPEN for 2017

OPERS Fest Registration is May 1st to September 2nd, or when all tables are reserved, whichever comes first. There are 200 tables available. Registration is free. One table & two folding chairs provided. Additional table, chairs, and tents may be purchased for a fee.


The following student organizations are eligible to register for a table. They must be currently registered and in good standing during Spring Quarter.

  • OPERS Sports Clubs (Competitive and Non-Competitive) -  please contact Clint Angus, Interim Competitive Sports Supervisor, cangus@ucsc.edu to confirm that you are in good standing.
  • SOMeCA Organizations (SOAR, Student Media, and CAD) - the name of the organization that you register must be listed on a page for SomeCA. Check here for Student Media. Check this page for all other groups.  If you believe your group is in good standing and it is not listed, please contact your SOMeCA advisor. 

All other student groups that are affiliated with Colleges or Academic Departments must be registered by a UCSC Staff or Faculty that is the group advisor.

For all student groups, OPERS reserves the right to review all registrations and determine that your club or org is still in good standing at the time of the OPERS Fest. If this is not the case, your registration may be canceled and you will be notified. 


Campus offices, departments, and organizations that provide services, information and resources for students may also register for a table. You must be affiliated to UCSC through Campus Life/Dean of Students, one of the Colleges, an Academic Division, University Relations, Business and Administrative Services (BAS) or other student services related office.

University Interfaith Council - there will be a drop down menu with all current groups listed. If your name is not on the list and you believe this is a mistake, please contact Lucy Rojas. 

 Click here to Register