Maps and Table Assignments for Participants

OPERS Fest Layout

2018 OPERS Fest Table Assignments

*Locations subject to change, please verify at time of set up.

Accounting Association C 09
Acquire A Cappella J 04
Active Minds C 19
Acts2 Christian Fellowship B 22
Admissions Opportunities C 16
African American Resource & Cultural Center B 13
African Student Union D 20
Air Corps Leadership Club C 17
Alpha Epsilon Pi E 16
Alpha Kappa Delta Phi E 18
Alpha Kappa Psi E 29
Alpha Phi Omega E 17
Alpha Psi Sorority E 19
Amazon Prime O
American Indian Resource Center B 01
American Medical Student Association (AMSA) F 15
American Red Cross Association (ARCA) F 14
American Society of Microbiology E 12
Anthropology Society J 21
Armenian Student Association G 07
Army ROTC - Military Science H 24
ART Initiative A 25
Asian American Christian Fellowship B 28
Asian American Donor Program I 19
Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center B 02
Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance G 08
ASL Club I 26
Aspiring Physician Assistant Association D 09
Association for Computing Machinery E 11
Association of Latino Professionals For America F 02
Banana Slug Ambassadors C 28
Banana Slugs for Animals J 22
Barnstorm Theater J 19
Bay Federal O
Bayanihan D 26
Best Buddies C 29
Bhagat Puran Singh Health Intiative G 27
Bike COOP J 15
Bike Library G 06
Bioengineering Club D 04
Bioinformatics Club D 06
Black Men's Alliance D 18
Black Student Union (BSU) D 19
Black Women's Alliance D 21
Camp Kesem H 21
Campus Sustainability Council E 30
Career Center B 11
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development C 30
Centroamericanos Unidos (CAU) G 09
Challah for Hunger B 04
Chemistry Club D 10
Chicano Latino Resource & Cultural Center B 05
Chinese Student Association D 11
Chinese Students and Scholars Association D 24
Chinquapin Literary Magazine A 22
Christians on Campus D 25
ChUCK H 29
Circle K International G 11
City on a Hill Press A 20
Cloud 9 A Cappella J 10
Cognitive Science Student Association F 13
Collectively H 23
College Democrats H 28
College Diabetes Network (CDN) at UCSC G 25
College Republicans at UCSC C 26
Colleges Against Cancer D 12
Comedy Joust I 06
Common Ground Center N
Community Aid and Resources (CARe) D 08
Cosplay Club J 11
Counseling and Psychological Services G 01
COVE, Students in Recovery C 02
Cross Country Club H 07
Cruzhacks E 09
Cultural Arts and Diversity Resource Center B 12
Dean of Students A 05
Delta Sigma Pi E 22
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated D 22
Disc Golf H 02
Ecology Action G 28
Education for Sustainable Living Program E 28
Educational Opportunity Programs K
ELATED (Empowering Latinx Advancement Through Education and Development) F 04
Emergency Medical Slugs D 07
ENVS Internship Program N
Experiential Leadership Program M
EyeCandy Film Journal A 19
Fencing H 20
Fighting Slugs Marching Band J 01
Film Production Coalition (FPC) A 18
First Generation Initiative F 01
FitLife K
Food Justice Coalition D 28
Formula Slug E 01
Friends of Community Agroecology Network N
Fruitcake A 17
Game Design and Arts Collaboration J 12
Gamma Phi Beta E 21
Gatorade O
Gesher Group G 03
Good Neighbor Initiative - Government and Community Relations Office C 10
Gospel Community Church B 25
Grad Guard O
Grappling Club I 05
Gravity Water D 30
Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas I 24
Guayaki Yerba Mate O
Haluan Hip Hop Dance Troupe F 16
Han Chinese Clothing Association D 27
Hermanos Unidos I 25
High Street Community Church College Group B 27
iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machine) E 04
Indian Student Association G 26
Information Systems Management Association E 15
International Golden Key Society of UCSC F 18
International Students Inc. I 04
International Volunteer Headquarters Club (IVHQ) G 02
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship B 20
Intramurals / Sports Clubs L
Iota Alpha Omega E 27
Iranian Student Association (ISA) C 18
ITS Information Security/Campus Privacy J 28
JSA; Japanese Student Association C 22
Kadence Keys J 05
Kahaani J 08
Kalopsia A 21
Kappa Alpha Theta E 23
Kappa Gamma Delta E 24
Kappa Kappa Gamma E 25
Kappa Zeta E 26
Kayak Club I 03
Ken Norris Center for Natural History N
Kevita O
Klesis Christian Fellowship B 23
Kresge Common Ground Center N
Kresge Garden Cooperative N
Kresge Multicultural Education Committee J 24
Kyrie Christian Fellowship B 26
KZSC Table A 08
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. F 20
Land of Medicine Buddha B 29
Leviathan Jewish Journal A 14
Life Lab N
Lionel Cantú Queer Center B 03
Long Form Improv Comedy: HFV & SAD A 30
Lutheran Campus Ministry B 18
Matchbox Magazine A 13
MEChA de UCSC D 29
Medieval Club(Society for Creative Anachronism) J 17
Men's Lacrosse H 08
Mens Club Water Polo H 13
Mens Ultimate Frisbee H 06
Mock Trial at UCSC F 11
Monterey Bay Internships E 08
Morning Sign Out G 12
Muslim Student Association C 27
Naked Juice O
National Society of Black Engineers D 17
National Society of Collegiate Scholars F 10
Natural Bridges State Beach Park E 14
Newman Catholic Center B 15
Ninjutsu Training Group I 07
Oakes Garden N
Oceania Navigators Empowerment I 08
Office of Campus Advising and Coordination C 03
Okinawa Memories Initiative F 17
On The Spot A 12
Onewheel O
Orthodox Christian Fellowship B 30
Oxfam Club G 05
Panhellenic E 20
Party Like a Slug! C 05
Peer Academic Success Coaches E 13
People of Color Sustainability Collective N
Pepsi O
Phi Alpha Delta International G 13
Philosophical Slug Society F 25
Physical Education K
Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity F 19
Platypus Affiliated Society G 14
Poetically People of Color C 08
POPreKa G 15
Practical Activism Conference B 14
Pre-Dental Society D 05
Pre-Law Society D 16
Pre-Students of Osteopathic Medicine Association (Pre-SOMA) F 09
Pre-Veterinary Club at UCSC D 13
Prism - Gender/Sex/Sexuality Coalition G 16
Program in Community and Agroecology G 10
Quality Education in UCs A 15
Queer Fashion Show C 11
Rachel Carson College Garden N
Random With A Purpose XXVII J 25
Recreation M
Red Wheelbarrow A 23
Resource Center for Nonviolence C 12
Rocket Team at UCSC E 02
Rotaract Club of Santa Cruz County F 08
Sabrosura Latin Dance Troupe H 27
Salsita Dance I 23
Santa Cruz Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) E 03
Santa Cruz County Symphony Association J 02
Santa Cruz Fighting Game Community J 18
Santa Cruz for Bernie J 16
Santa Cruz Hillel B 17
Scientific Slug A 24
Sea Slugs C 23
Security Santa Cruz I 12
Senior Class Council C 13
Sequoia Singers A Capella A 29
Seymour Marine Discovery Center at Long Marine Lab E 10
Shutterslug Photography A 11
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi G 18
Sigma Lambda Beta G 19
Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. G 22
Sigma Mu Delta Pre-Medical Fraternity G 21
Sigma Omicron Pi G 20
Sigma Phi Zeta Fraternity G 23
Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc. G 24
Sigma Pi Fraternity F 21
Sikh Student Association (SSA) F 26
Sisterhood in STEM H 16
Slug Anime and Manga Association J 13
Slug Gaming J 20
Slug Stand-Up A 28
Slug to Slug A 07
Slugbotics - Underwater Robotics @ UCSC E 07
SlugMUN F 07
Slugs for Israel F 27
Slugs for Solar J 27
Slugs Fund Investment Group F 06
Slugs in Fishnets A 27
Slugs United by Mathematics D 14
Slugz 2 Men A 26
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers D 15
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers H 26
Society of Women Engineers E 06
Sol Women's Ultimate H 05
Student Alliance of North American Indians (SANAI) F 28
Student Cable Television A 10
Student Environmental Center N
Student Health Center B 10
Student Union Assembly A 02
Student Union Housing Working Group A 06
Students for Haiti Solidarity C 21
Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) J 09
Students for Sensible Drug Policy F 03
SUA Food Pantry and Lounge A 03
Summer Session C 06
SUR-Students United With Renters N
Surf Club I 13
Sustainability Office N
Tae Kwon Do Club I 11
Taiwanese Student Association C 20
Tangroupe I 20
Tau Kappa Epsilon F 22
Ten Colleges Debate Union H 17
Tennis Club H 01
The Brain, Mind, and Consciousness Society F 12
The Fish Rap Live! A 16
The Happy Cart Project F 24
The Hightones I 27
The Princeton Review F 29
The Student Environmental Center E 28
The Ten Colleges Debate Union H 18
The UCSC Dance Team I 22
Theta Chi Fraternity F 23
Theta Pi Sigma G 17
Title IX Office B 09
Togo's O
Tomorrow's Medical Community D 02
Transportation and Parking Services I 15
Triathlon Club H 14
Type 1 Diabetes Association F 30
UC Santa Cruz Cheer I 14
UC Santa Cruz Circus Slugs H 19
UCSC Arboretum & Botanic Garden D 01
UCSC Backpacking Club H 22
UCSC Badminton Club H 04
UCSC Ballroom Dance Team I 21
UCSC Basic Needs N
UCSC Belegarth J 07
UCSC Community Boating Center/Sailing Team I 02
UCSC Cycling Team I 18
UCSC Equestrian I 17
UCSC Health Campus Network (HCN) A 01
UCSC Honors and Research Opportunties C 15
UCSC Ice Hockey H 03
UCSC Judo Club I 09
UCSC Kendo Club H 15
UCSC Men's Rugby I 29
UCSC Muay Thai I 10
UCSC Music Department Ensembles J 03
UCSC Natural Reserves N
UCSC Police Department B 08
UCSC Sailing Team I 01
UCSC Student Volunteer Center A 04
UCSC Study Abroad C 07
UCSC Tabletop Games Association J 14
UCSC Taza Tal J 06
UCSC Women's Fastpitch Softball H 11
UCSC Women's Water Polo H 12
United States Marine Corps Officer Selection H 25
University Interfaith Council B 16
University Library I 28
Varsity Athletics L
Vietnamese Student Association C 24
Vintage Faith B 24
Volunteers Around the World (VAW) D 03
Women's Center B 07
Women's Club Lacrosse H 09
Women's Rugby H 10
Woodstock's O
WSSC-Worker Student Solidarity Coalition N
Xfinity O
Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) C 25
Young Life B 21
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. D 23
Zipcar I 16