Captain's Guide

Intramural Sports team captains have the following responsibilities:

  1. Prior to registering a team, the team captain will need to pass that sport’s captain’s quiz on for sports which require a quiz. The Captain’s Quiz will be available on once a captain begins the process for creating a team. This Captain’s Guide is available for each sport, and can also be found on the “Pre-Quiz” page on This Captain’s Guide will help direct captains to where they can find information on sport and program rules and regulations they need to know. All quiz material will be covered in the Intramural Sports Policies & Procedures and/or in the individual sport rules. Captains must answer all questions correctly to pass the quiz. 
  2. Captains are in charge of making sure all participants on your team are eligible according to eligibility requirements stated in the Intramural Sports Policies & Procedures.
  3. Captains are responsible for the sportsmanlike behavior of teammates and fans.
  4. Captains are responsible for communicating game schedules to teammates and ensuring the team shows up and is ready to play when shceduled.
  5. Finally, as team captain, you will serve as your team’s main contact for any instances in which the Intramural Sports Staff needs to contact your team.

Key policies for team captains to know:

Are my teammates eligible for participation? Please see the Policies & Procedures page for eligibility requirements.

How do I select a time slot? Teams must meet minimum player requirements before selecting a time slot. Minimum player requirements vary between sports. Please reference the desired sport rules page for more specific information on the exact number any team needs to participate. Once the minimum player requirement is met, team captains need to visit the team page on and follow the prompt to select a time slot prior to registration closing.

What if my team meets minimum player requirements after registration closes? If there is any available space, Intramural Sports staff will contact the team captain to fill available spaces. There is no gaurantee that a team which meets player requirements after registration close will be awarded a spot in the desired division or league.

What do I do if my teammates have a conflict with one of the scheduled games?

Please see the reschedule, default, and forfeit policies on the Policies & Procedures page.

How do I know if my team has good sportsmanship ratings?

Please visit to see your team's sportsmanship ratings in your team standings. The rating is determined by an average of every Sportsmanship Rating earned each game. To see criteria for each Sportsmanship Rating, please see the Participant Code of Conduct.