The All-Access Pass

In an effort to create a more sustainable, vibrant, and comprehensive Intramural Sports program The Athletics and Recreation Department implemented an individual, quarterly/annual participant fee structure in the 2014-2015 academic calendar, eliminating team entry fees.

Once a participant pays for an individual yearly or quarterly All-Access Pass, they are eligible to participate in as many different UC Santa Cruz Intramural Sports events as they wish for the appropriate time frame. 

This shift in payment structure creates an opportunity for Cruz IM to offer additional innovative and creative programs including Spikeball, Kickball, Croquet, Tennis, and more! This structure has also created opportunities for individuals to try new sports and activities that may have previously hosted perceived barriers (including submission of an additional team entry fee). The move also helps the program meet the needs of recent and future minimum wage increases as we are committed to offering a fair and living wage to our Athletics and Recreation student employees.

Individual participant fees are an emerging trend in IM Sports programs nationwide and campuses who have been early adopters have noticed an increase in participation and user satisfaction. The move to go to an individual fee structure was supported by 80% of UC Santa Cruz IM sports captains polled in the winter of 2013. It will remove ownership of paying the fees up front from the captain's plate (for some this was multiple registrations over the course of three quarters) and asks individuals to share in that responsibility, submitting their portion of the payment directly. Captains will maintain other leadership responsibilities however, such as organizing the team and representing the team in meetings and on the field.

The registration process will be similar to prior years. Participants will need to visit imleagues,com, create an account using their address, and then add themselves to their team roster(s). Team captains remain responsible for creating teams on and inviting people to join the roster to meet roster requirements. Participants individually submit their fee for $20.00/quarter via

Please note participation guidelines always apply regardless of the fee structure. Please reference the leagues and scheduling page for more information.

Go Slugs!