Employment Opportunities

The Intramural Sports program has many job opportunities for UC Santa Cruz students who are interested in working in a dedicated, fun, and social atmosphere. Although employment is open to all UC Santa Cruz students, the program especially searches for individuals with work-study and officiating experience. In addition to knowledge of sports, assertiveness and humble confidence are critical to success in the role of an Intramural Sports Official. 

Currently, Intramural Sports has officiating opportunities available for the following sports: Basketball, Futsal, Soccer, Flag Football, Kickball, and Dodgeball.

How To Apply For The Team

If you are interested in officiating, please visit the university's Employee Request System. From there, select work study or non-work study jobs. If you are work study, please search for the Intramural Sports Official position using ER #5967. If you are non-work study, search ER #5968. If you run into any issues on this please contact imsup@ucsc.edu.

Officials Clinics, Trainings, & Meetings

If you have been hired as an Intramural Sports Official you MUST attend all meetings for the sports you will be officiating. This is a condition of your employment. Depending on the sport, most clinics last between 60-90 minutes. These clinics are a combination of presentation/lecture, video clips, on the court/field demonstrations, and live action scrimmages. Please be sure you are able to attend scheduled clinics and communicate with Intramural Sports staff if you have concerns.

Intramural Sports Job Descriptions

Intramural Sports Official

The Intramural Sports Official shall, to the best of their ability, officiate and/or keep accurate records and score of contests sponsored by the Intramural Program, in accordance with the rules of the sport and the regulations of the program. Officiated sports are basketball, dodgeball, flag football, futsal, kickball, soccer. Interested students must attend appropriate training sessions and complete rules exams & on-field/on-court evaluations before being hired. The official is charged with the responsibility of maintaining orderly conduct on the court or field, to which he/she is assigned, and will perform other duties as outlined below.

Skills/Knowledge and Abilities Required

  • Strong interpersonal (oral and written) communication skills
  • Previous customer service experience preferred
  • Knowledge of sport rules and intramural policies preferred
  • Attendance at all pre-season trainings
  • Attendance at all in-season meetings
  • Ability to work with diverse populations and awareness of and appreciation for individual uniqueness and diversity
  • Strong commitment to an environment that promotes honesty and integrity
  • Knowledge of Employee Manual
  • Pass required written tests

*Previous officiating experience, and/or experience watching or participating in the sport you are interested in officiating is beneficial.

Statement of Duties

  • Ensure safety of intramural sports participants
  • Follow established policies and procedures
  • Arrive to event site at least 15 minutes before game time/Assist in the opening and closing of the facility and the set-up and take down of necessary equipment
  • Provide accurate information to intramural sports participants
  • Officiate every contest in a fair, unbiased manner
  • Complete applicable reports and forms
  • Enforce rules and regulations regarding safe and proper use of equipment and facility
  • Assist with preparation and inspection of the game site/awareness of safety concerns and risk management factors
  • Assign teams Sportsmanship Ratings in support of the 7 Principals of Community
  • Provide a friendly, upbeat and customer service oriented environment at all times.
  • Maintain prompt hours and follow absence procedures.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with staff and co-workers.
  • Assist Intramural Supervisor as needed and requested
  • Adhere to all OPERS departmental policies and procedures.

Competitive Sports Supervisor

The Competitive Sports Supervisor shall, to the best of their ability, provide onsite supervision of officials, score keepers, and participants, and officiate and/or keep accurate records and score of contests sponsored by the Intramural Program as needed, in accordance with the rules of the sport and the regulations of the program. As front line employees, Supervisors are charged with the responsibility of daily delivery of the program in an organized, fair, and safe manner. Supervisors will also perform other duties as outlined below.

Job Requirement

  • Certified in First Aid, CPR, & AED or able to acquire one within 30 days of employment.
  •  Minimum one (1) full, academic year of Intramural Sports experience as a game official in multiple sports.
  • Available to work when Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs programming is delivered on at least three full days out of the week, including Fridays, Saturdays, and/or Sundays.
  • Evaluated leadership ability to supervise and deliver recreational sport activities and events through the Competitive Sports office and Athletics & Recreation unit.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate, delegate, and supervise others to complete required tasks.
  • Efficient, effective, and positive communicator to participants, colleagues, and other Athletics & Recreation staff
  • Strong interpersonal (oral and written) communication skills to communicate issues with game officials, participants, and staff.
  • Ability to work with diverse populations, maintain awareness and appreciation of individual uniqueness, and welcome the diversity of the UC Santa Cruz campus population
  •  Strong commitment to a professional environment that promotes teamwork, honesty, integrity, and punctuality
  •  Possess qualities of strong organizational and time management abilities
  •  Pass any required tests as determined by professional staf


  • Complete preparation, set up, tear down, and related tasks for Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs events, including lift and movement of equipment up to 25 lbs.
  • Serve as First Responder certified in CPR/AED/First Aid at events in case of accident during Intramural Sports, Sports Clubs, or other Athletics & Recreation programming.
  • Make decisions on-site regarding weather and inclement playing conditions affecting safe and fair play.
  • Maintain a satisfactory level of knowledge including current news, policies, procedures, events, and sport rules for Intramural Sports & Sports Clubs programs.
  • Assist in the promotion and advertisement of Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs events.
  • Make final decision on forfeit determinations at all Intramural Sports events.
  • Record team Sportsmanship ratings in support of the Principles of Community for Sports Clubs events and Intramural Sports Code of Conduct and relevant game officials for Intramural Sports events
  • Complete and file all appropriate documents associated with accidents, incidents, and discipline with detailed, factual information absent of assumptions or diagnosis.
  • Maintain detailed records and verification of Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs participation and scores. 
  • Report areas of risk as it pertains to rules, equipment, facilities and/or policy in a timely manner. 
  • Submit relevant supervisor report for every shift worked. 
  • Maintain a highly visible presence on-site. Check each court/field regularly, keep a continuous eye on all activities within purview of assigned shift. 
  • Organize participants, officials, visitors, etc. to ensure events start on time, occur fairly, and follow all relevant policies and procedures to the Intramural Sports or Sports Clubs program, Athletics & Recreation, and UC Santa Cruz.
  • Respond to all questions, comments, and protests around Intramural Sports and Spots Clubs events. Resolve conflicts and diffuse highly emotional situations in a timely, fair, and empathetic manner. 
  • Enforce all policies and procedures of Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs according to the relevant event.
  • Conduct Practice Audits as determined by professional staff.
  • Officiate Intramural Sports games as assigned.
  • Evaluate, coach and assist Intramural Sports officials in their skill and confidence development
  • Post appropriate and relevant content to Intramural Sports social media accounts.