Policies and Procedures


  1. Participation Expectations

    1. UC Santa Cruz Intramural Sports is committed to promoting and protecting an environment that values and supports every person in an atmosphere of civility, honesty, cooperation, professionalism, fairness, and fun. OPERS expects that every campus member will practice the Seven Principles of Community. Collectively, we strive to be Diverse, Open, Purposeful, Caring, Just, Disciplined, and Celebratory.
    2. Sportsmanship ratings are assigned by Intramural Sports staff on-site at all activities.
    3. Sportsmanship Rating System - All teams and participants are subject to receiving a sportsmanship rating on a scale of 1-4 for every event they participate in. All ratings are determined by the Intramural Sports Staff on duty throughout the event. Teams/participants that earn a sportsmanship point average (SPA) of less than 2.75 are subject to being removed from playoff contention or the remainder of scheduled events. Please read below for details on what each rating represents. 
      1. 4 = Excellent - Team members and fans were cooperative with officials and were respectful of opponents and officials. The captain had full control of the team. Team members showed complete respect for all opponents and staff throughout participation.
      2. 3 = Above Average - Team members and fans were mostly respectful of opponents and staff throughout participation except for one or two minor incidents. Minor incidents do not include administrative penalties for illegal substitutions or too many people participating at a time, unless the actions are deemed intentional or has been a repeated offense. 
      3. 2 = Below Average - (Note: At least one of these examples must occur for a Below Average rating to be given) Team members or spectators were disrespectful of opponents and/or officials on a number of occasions. Captain showed little control of the team. An unsporting technical foul, unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, or yellow card was issued. An Intramural Sports Supervisor had to step in to address unsportsmanlike behavior among team members. Teams failed to clean up after themselves after the game ended. Any other behavior deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike by the Intramural Staff.
      4. 1 = Poor - (Note: At least one of these examples must occur for a Poor rating to be given) Team members or spectators continually comment to opponents and/or officials and are disrespectful. Team captain showed no control over the team. Multiple unsporting technical fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, or yellow cards issued. Participant ejection for unsporting behavior. An Intramural Supervisor had to step-in on more than one occasion to address unsportsmanlike behavior among team members. Any other behavior deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike by the Intramural Staff.
    4. Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs - Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are not permitted at any Intramural Sports activity. Possession of these substances or suspicion of intoxication will lead to ejection (including team spectators). Those who fail to cooperate will forfeit the game for their team and are subject to disciplinary action. 
    5. Sportsmanship is further defined as:
      1. Abiding by the letter and the spirit of the rules of play;
      2. Treating opponents with courtesy and generosity;
      3. Playing his or her best but never losing sight of the fact that it is a game which was designed primarily for enjoyment;
      4. Winning and losing with dignity and respect;
    6. Unsportsmanlike Conduct will not be tolerated. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include but are not limited to:
      1. Persistently questioning game official(s) decisions;
      2. Making derogatory remarks about/to officials and/or players;
      3. Using profanity excessively;
      4. Making obscene or objectionable demonstrations or dissent;
      5. Conduct which seeks to intimidate or deceive officials;
      6. Employing unnecessarily rough tactics against an opposing player;
      7. Refusing to abide by an official’s decision;
      8. Shoving, striking, or otherwise threatening participants and/or officials.
    7. Team Name Policy - There is a quarterly reward for “Most Creative Team Name” given out each quarter, get creative and make sure it is appropriate. Any inappropriate team names, as judged by Intramural Sports Staff, will be changed to the Team Captain’s name.
    8. Sanctions - Officials may employ the following sanctions against all persons for unsportsmanlike conduct:
      1. All Intramural Sports Game Officials begin their jurisdiction over an assigned contest after participants have signed in. Game officials maintain jurisdiction over the game until the next scheduled game begins or the game officials have left the facility playing area.
      2. Failure to abide by a game official’s decision will result in ejection from the event by the game officials or supervisors on duty;
      3. The ejected participant must leave the entire OPERS Facility. They may not sit on the sidelines watching.
      4. Should the participant refuse to leave the facility or should the participant’s unsportsmanlike conduct be flagrant or persistent the game will be declared a forfeit win for the opposing team. UCSC Police may also be alerted at this time.
      5. Any participant who is removed or ejected from a game must meet with Intramural Sports professional staff prior to being permitted to participate again. If they ignore this rule, any and all games that they have participated in, regardless of if it is the same sport or not, will be declared a forfeit win for the opposing team.
    9. Disciplinary Procedures - The following procedures will be observed in cases of alleged unsportsmanlike conduct and for all persons ejected or removed from play during, before or after an Intramural Sports contest or activity.
      1. The alleged or ejected participant(s) charged with unsportsmanlike conduct must make an appointment to meet with the Intramural Sports professional staff and may not participate again until they have done so.
      2. Participants must be accompanied by their team captain. They will be asked to express their perspective and view of what transpired or contributed to the altercation/ejection.
      3. At times, members of the Intramural Sports student leadership team may sit in on these meetings.
      4. Depending on the severity of the incident, offenders will be suspended between one week in length and indefinitely. If a second offense occurs, the person will be banned from participation from one quarter/one year, or they may be permanently removed from future participation in any and all Intramural Sports events.
      5. Depending on the severity of the incident additional OPERS privileges and access may also be lost.
      6. Any ejections/cases related to acts of violence or assault will also involve the filing of a police report and adjudication by the Dean of Students office. 
    10. Greek Week & Other Sponsored Events
      1. All participants during the event(s) must adhere to the above stated standards. Team captains will also be held accountable for the behavior of their team, coaches, members and their support groups.
      2. All participants are also held to the standards established by the Inter Greek Council (IGC).
      3. All Coaches will be held accountable for their behavior. They cannot be disruptive of the game that is in progress. Depending on the severity of any infractions, unsportsmanlike penalties and ejection may occur. Coaches may only come on to the field/court during a timeout. Coach’s actions may also be held accountable by the Greek Organization that they are affiliated with and subject to additional penalties deemed appropriate by that organization and the Dean of Students office if necessary.
  2. Eligibility

    1. The UC Santa Cruz Intramural Sports program invites all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students to participate. Eligible participants who have not paid for an Intramural Sports All-Access Pass will remain eligible until Add/Drop day for academic classes of each quarter. 
    2. After Add/Drop day of each quarter, all participants who have not paid the relevant All-Access Pass will become ineligible to participate until payment is verified by Intramural Sports staff.
    3. ID Check Policy – Intramural Sports staff checks for valid, UC Santa Cruz or government-issued photo identification prior to the start of ALL Intramural Sports activities. This is to ensure adequate safety and fairness within our activities. Just as individuals need identification to access the Wellness Center or other facilities and establishments on/off campus, all participants need photo identification to participate in Intramural Sports. 
      1. Any person found to participate in an Intramural Sports activity without checking in with appropriate ID will automatically forfeit the relevant Intramural Sports activity.
    4. Rosters/Waivers - To become eligible, participants must create an account on imleagues.com utilizing their cruzID@ucsc.edu and be added to their team's roster and/or create a team. In doing so they will sign the Intramural Sports participation and media release waivers.
      1. Failing to create an account and being added to a team's roster and attempting to, or successfully participating in, an Intramural Sports activity may result in that team forfeiting the activity in question for participating with an ineligible participant. 
      2. Participants are not considered eligible until they have created an account, been added to a team's roster, and paid for the relevant All-Access Pass. 
      3. Participants listed on team rosters must present valid, UC Santa Cruz or state-issued photo identification to Intramural Sports staff at the site of the game or match. If after UC Santa Cruz Academic Add/Drop Day, participants must be prepared to show proof of purchase of the relevant All-Access Pass.
      4. Participants NOT listed on team rosters at the game site must be added to the roster digitally. Once roster is updated, the participant must present valid, UC Santa Cruz photo identification ONLY to the Intramural Sports staff on duty. Participants not listed on team rosters must also present proof of purchase after UC Santa Cruz Academic Add/Drop Day.
      5. Team captains are required to pass the sport's relevant quiz in order to maintain eligiblity for participation in the applicable Intramural Sports activity. Failure to complete required captain quiz materials subject that captain's team to forfeiture of scheduled games.
    5. Varsity Athletes – Varsity Athletes who are currently on a NCAA roster and/or practicing with a varsity team are not eligible to participate in the associated sport. For example, a varsity basketball player cannot play Intramural 5v5 Basketball or 3v3 Basketball or any additional form of basketball. They can however, play any and all other Intramural Sports.
    6. Former/Ex-Varsity Athletes – NO EX-VARSITY PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN "B" LEAGUES. They must participate at the most advanced/highest skilled division offered ("A" leagues). Ex-varsity players become eligible at the beginning of the quarter following the conclusion of their last varsity season. The Ex-varsity definition includes anyone who has played a varsity sport at any time during their collegiate career, including "red shirts". Participants are no longer considered Ex-Varsity after two years of not appearing on varsity roster. NO MORE THAN 2 GRADUATING/EX VARSITY PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED PER TEAM in the associated sport they participated in.
    7. Inclusive Gender Policy - The University of California, Santa Cruz is committed to creating and maintaining a community where all individuals, including non-affiliated visitors, who participate in university programs and activities, can do so in an atmosphere free of violence, harassment, discrimination, exploitation, or intimidation. Individuals who wish to participate and are not rooted in the gender binary may create open participation teams which are inclusive of all genders. UC Santa Cruz Intramural Sports offers many Open and Co-Rec leagues and seeks to provide opportunities for all students to participate in our programs inclusive of gender identity. To that end, all individuals shall be permitted to participate in the Intramural Sports program (i.e. leagues, tournaments, sponsored events, etc.), in a manner consistent with their gender identity and expression. If an individual or team is unsure how to apply the inclusive gender policy, or seeks assistance in order to meet the participation needs of the individual and/or team, please contact the Intramural Sports Coordinator. Any matters that may arise in regards to gender identity within Intramural Sports participation may be presented to the Intramural Sports administrative staff and/or the Cantu Queer Center. For questions regarding gender identity harassment and/or discrimination, please contact the Title IX office at 831-459-2462.
    8. Faculty, Staff & Alumni (Affiliates) who hold a current OPERS Facility Usage Membership Cards may also participate. The Intramural Sports Program also supports the use of Day Passes for Faculty/Staff to participate in leagues. Alumni are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports as well, so long as they possess a current membership in any University of California Alumni Association. Alumni memberships must be verified by administrative staff.
      1. Alumni are automatically University of California Alumni Association members for their first year after graduating after which they need to contact the Alumni Association and become a member.
      2. The Intramural Sports Program does not support Non-Alumni Association Members and Non-Affiliate/Community OPERS Facility Usage Membership Card Holders. Detailed information regarding facility use/access and rates is available online. 
    9. Playoff Participation – If applicable, individuals must participate TWICE (in at least two games/matches) with their team during the regular season in order to participate with the team during the playoffs. In case of a forfeit, a team will have to be at the game/match site in order to receive participation that will count toward playoff eligibility. If a team receives prior notice that a game will be a forfeit/default, participation will be marked for all participants of the winning team.
    10. Protests - Protests may be submitted only for concerns regarding ineligible participants. Protests may not be submitted for rulings on the court/fields or game outcomes.  Ineligible participant protests must be issued by noon the day after the contest. Please communicate your intent to protest a player's eligibility to the Intramural Sports Supervisor on duty and email imsup@ucsc.edu immediately.
  3. Team Rosters

    1. Format – Maximum roster sizes are determined by a formula consisting of double the standard activity team size, plus two. For example, in a 7v7 flag football league the roster limit will be 16 (7+7+2) participants. This roster format allows participants the most opportunity to field a team throughout the season. Additionally, maximum roster sizes are formatted such that there is consistency within the team from week to week.

    2. Roster Completion/Minimum Participants Required to Play - In order to complete registration and select a time slot in any activity, all teams must meet the required minimum number of participants on the roster for each relevant sport. This mitigates the chances of a team forfeiting while assuring opposing teams that a game/match will occur.

    3. Roster Lock Dates - In addition to the roster format specifications listed above, participants will be unable to switch teams after the first two weeks of play. This provides the Intramural Sports participant with enough time to play on multiple teams/shop around in attempt to find the right fit for their interest, skill level, and/or class schedule. Much like the roster size format specifications listed above, this policy promotes a fair environment by providing some level of consistency within the team from week to week. It also creates an environment within Competitive Sports Sports that is distinct from traditional 'pick up' or 'drop in' activities. 

    4. All player additions for rosters will lock with less than two games to play in the regular season. This policy is in place to prevent late additions that change the make-up of a team, put it at an advantage over other teams, and encourages participants to play during the entire season.

    5. Participants may participate with one team per league per quarter.
    6. Participants are permitted to play in one skill level league per sport. For example, if a participant is rostered on an Open Advanced team they are not permitted to play on an Open Beginner team. Fraternity and Sorority leagues are considered part of the "Advanced" skill level. For example, a participant roistered on a Fraternity league team may not participate on an Open Advanced league team. However, the Fraternity league participant may join an Open Beginner league team. If a Co-Rec league is offered, participants may play on one Co-Rec league team in addition to what is described above.


  1. Forfeit Policy

    1. Forfeit Fine: Captains and co-captains of teams which forfeit games are subject to receiving a $10.00 Forfeit Fine per university-approved Miscellaneous Fees. The fee will be attributed to the team captain and/or co-captains university bill. All captains are responsible for ensuring their team plays each game or attempt to work with the Intramural Sports staff to reschedule or default any scheduled game to avoid a forfeit occurring.
    2. Teams that forfeit scheduled games/matches will be marked as receiving a "2" sportsmanship rating for the game/match and recorded as a loss with points awarded to the team that was checked in and ready to play. 
    3. The Intramural Sports Program has the authority to remove a team after they record two forfeits during any given season.
    4. Participants on teams that forfeit out of any league/tournament are not eligible for a refund of their All-Access Passes in whole or part.
    5. Teams who display a pattern of forfeiting out of leagues and across multiple sports and quarters of play may become ineligible to participate in Intramural Sports programming at the discretion of the Intramural Sports office.
  2. Default Policy

    1. Teams that want to avoid forfeiting games/matches must notify the Intramural Sports office by 2:00pm on the weekday of the game or by 7:00am on the weekend day before the relevant game/match.
    2. Defaults still count as a loss for teams, however they are not counted against a team's records as heavily as forfeits and captains avoid the Forfeit Fine.  
    3. Teams that win by forfeit or default will receive sportsmanship ratings of "4" for that contest and receive scores for that game as follows:
      1. Futsal, Inner-Tube Water Polo, Softball – 5-0 
      2. Soccer – 2-0
      3. Indoor/Sand Volleyball, 3v3 Basketball - 10-0 set scores, 2-0 game score 
      4. Dodgeball – 4-0 
      5. Flag Football, 5v5 Basketball, Ultimate – 10-0
  3. Reschedule Requests

    1. Reschedule requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the originally scheduled game/match time to avoid a default situation.
    2. Rescheduling accommodations are not guaranteed due to limited time/space, but Intramural Sports strives to accommodate as best as possible. 
    3. If reschedules are not confirmed by 2:00pm on the day of the originally scheduled game/match than the original date and time must stand as scheduled.
  4. Injuries

    1. If, during the game, as a result of injury, a team falls below the minimum number of players required to start the game, the team may be allowed to continue the game at the Intramural Sports Supervisor's discretion and willingness of the team that fell below the minimum requirement. 

  5. Playoff Advancement

    1. Teams that have not forfeit two games, have a division/league leading winning percentage, and an acceptable Sportsmanship Rating (at least 2.75) at the end of the regular season will be eligible to advance to playoffs.
    2. The number of teams that advance to the playoffs will be determined by the amount of space and time that the Intramural Sports department can provide/accommodate due to daylight, weather, and space/reservations. Typically, the 50% of a division plus 1 additional team will be taken to playoffs.
    3. In order to determine playoff qualification, the Intramural Sports Staff will use the following guidelines in order:
      1. Win/loss record will determine final regular season standings.
      2. Any game that is defaulted by a team will count worse than a loss for that defaulting team’s record.
      3. Any game that is forfeit by a team will count worse than a default for that forfeiting team’s record.
  6. Tiebreaker Procedure

    1. In the case of a tie between two teams, head-to-head record will be the first tiebreaker, followed by Sportsmanship Point Average (SPA).
    2. In the case of a tie between three or more teams, or if a head-to-head matchup did not occur between two tied teams, SPA will be used as the next tiebreaker criteria.
    3. Should the SPA of the teams be tied, point differential in all regular season games will be used.
    4. If point differential is the same, than the team with the least total points against will break the tie. If the tie is still unbroken, a random draw will occur.
    5. When one team breaks a tie, the process starts over for the remaining teams.
  7. Ejections 

    1. Ejected persons must leave the entire OPERS Facility, not just the game/match/event site.
    2. Ejected participants are immediately suspended indefinitely from all Intramural Sports activities. To become eligible/reinstated, the ejected participant and the team captain are required to meet with the Intramural Sports professional staff and discuss the incident. Topics of discussion in this meeting will include but not be limited to:
      1. A description of the incident from the participant and team captain perspective;
      2. An explanation of the ejected participant's actions and the team captain's actions;
      3. Example(s) on how the incident could have been avoided;
    3. All pertinent information will then be reviewed and a decision will be made within one business day of the meeting’s completion. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the ejection the case may be submitted to campus judicial affairs for consideration. 

Policies and Procedures Updated 8/6/2018