Disc Golf Rules

The rules for UC Santa Cruz Disc Golf are derived from the Disc Golf Association (DGA) unless otherwise stated within this document.  The full rules are available at discgolf.com

Rule 1: Facility - All matches will be played at the UC Santa Cruz Disc Golf Course which is maintained by OPERS and the Disc Golf Club. Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted at the course or in the associated parking lot. Do not leave trash on the course. 

Rule 2: Player Eligibility

  1. All UCSC Intramural Sports eligibility rules apply.  Please check the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations carefully to see more details.
  2. All players must have a valid, original UCSC or state-issued photo identification to participate.

Rule 3: Team Composition - Each team must consist of at least 2 eligible players to begin a round. No more than two eligible participants may play for any given team.

Rule 4: Equipment

  1. Participants must wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes at all times.
  2. Participants are encouraged to bring their own discs. Intramural Sports mayloan out discs, however they are limited in scope and participants are subject to fines/suspension for losing and/or breaking equipment.

Rule 5: Objective of the Game - Disc Goilf is played like traditional “ball” golf, but with flying discs instead of balls and clubs. One point (stroke) is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is incurred. The goal is to play each hole in the fewest strokes possible. The player or team with the lowest total strokes for the entire course wins.

Rule 6: Format

  1. One round will consist of 9 holes being completed. Pairings will be partnered with opponents. Pairings will track the official score of their opponents and are encouraged to track their own score as well.
  2. Teams must sign off on the official score at the completion of every round (9 holes).

Rule 7: Beginning a Round

  1. Participants will meet with Intramural Sports Staff to discuss the course and scorekeeping, hand out course maps and scorecards, loan out necessary equipment, and answer questions.
  2. Each hole begins with a tee throw from a designated tee pad. Tee throws must be completed within or behind the designated teepad area. If no teepad is available agree on a space with your opponents that will be thrown from.
  3. Players shall roshambo to determine the initial throwing order. Team mates should not throw consecutively unless otherwise determined by Rule 8.

Rule 8: Throwing Order

  1. After teeing off, the player whose disc is farthest from the hole always throws first.
  2. The player with the least amount of strokes on the previous hole is the first to tee off on the next hole. 

Rule 9: Lie

  1. The lie is the spot where the player’s previous throw has landed. Mark lie with a mini disc or turn over the thrown disc, directly towards the hole or designated fairway. The player’s subsequent throw is made from directly behind the marked lie.
  2. Any disc that comes to rest above the ground is considered an unplayable lie. The disc must be thrown from the lie on the ground, directly underneath the unplayable lie, relocated to avoid damage to the vegetation.

Rule 10: Fairway Throws - Fairway throws must be made from directly behind the lie. A run-up and normal follow-through, after release, is allowed, unless the lie is within 10 meters of the target. Any shot within 10 meters of the target requires that the player not move past the lie until the disc is at rest.

Rule 11: Completion of Hole – A disc that comes to rest in the basket or chains constitutes a successful completion of that hole.

Rule 12: Out of Bounds - Out of bounds must be agreed upon by all players currently on the hole. A throw that lands out of bounds, must be played from a point 3 feet in bounds from where the disc went out of bounds. Permanent water hazards and public roads are always out of bounds.

Rule 13: Penalties and Course Courtesy

  1. Players will not be penalized for rule infractions. Other players will keep you honest.
  2. Remain quiet and avoid unnecessary movements while others are throwing.
  3. Stand behind the player who is throwing until throw is complete.
  4. Remove disc from the basket/chains after completing the hole.
  5. Help new players learn the rules.
  6. Allow faster groups to play through when possible.
  7. Pick up trash and put in proper receptacles.
  8. Do not alter the course (trees, bushes, etc.) in any way.

Rule 14: Disc Golf Course

  1. Intramural Sports Disc Golf events will play the "a" teepads unless otherwise specificed by Intramural Sports staff.

Course Map