UCSC Staff and Faculty Rates

Special flat rate of $20 per month is available for UCSC Staff and Faculty through payroll deduction only. Once you sign up, the membership is continuing and ongoing every month until you cancel or leave the university.  Terms and conditions do apply and are listed on the application. Please email ktcool@ucsc.edu with questions.

Persons who present current UC Staff ID cards, a Staff ID# and a photo ID Cards may purchase an OPERS Facility Usage Membership at the Staff/Faculty rate. Any persons unable to show proof of affiliation may purchase a membership at the Community/Non-affiliate rate.


$5 - Day Pass

$22.84 - Monthly (paid by cash, check or credit card)

$20 per month, continuing and ongoing until you cancel it, only available through Payroll Deduction.

Please refer to the "Other Affiliates" page for more information on the following memberships.

Minors 16-17 years old - Parent or Guardian must be present to use the facilities.

Minors 8-15 years old - Cannot use the Wellness Center even with a Parent or Guardian present.

Minors 7 years and under

Access is free and minor must be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times.

Getting your Membership Card 

When you purchase a new Facility Usage Membership, you must come to the second floor of the East Field House to get your picture taken. Your card will be produced while your wait. Please allow 10 -15 minutes, depending on how busy the office is. Bring your UCSC Employee ID Card, Employee ID# and valid photo ID. If you purchased your membership online through Activenet, bring a print out of your confirmation e-mail receipt or have a digital copy of your emailed receipt available.  

Your UCSC Employee ID # may also be found in your Cruzpay portal and in your portal at http://atyourservice.ucop.edu/

Family Members and Memberships

Each person in your family must come to the office in person to purchase their new memberships. 

Each person covered by your UCSC Benefits is eligible to purchase a membership card at the UC Affiliate rate. To receive the UC Affiliate rate individuals must bring in a copy of your Staff ID card, verification of relationship, and a completed application to pick up or renew their cards. You may pay for family members by cash, check or credit card. You may not pay for family membership through payroll deduction.