UCSC and UC Affiliates Rates

UCSC and UC Affiliates are persons who can show proof of affiliation to UCSC or UC in general. Proof may be shown by an employee ID card, retiree card, or membership card to affiliated group. These groups include - but are not limited to - current employees of UCSC; members of the UCSC Alumni Association; spouses and domestic partners of current UCSC students and current UCSC employees; members of the OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute; students concurrently enrolled in UCSC Extension; and docents of the UCSC Farm and Garden, Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab, and other programs at UCSC. Any persons unable to show proof of affiliation may purchase a membership at the Community/Non-affiliate rate.


$5 - Day Pass

$30- Monthly

Minors 16-17 years old - Parent or Guardian must be present to use the facilities

$5 - Day Pass

$30 - Monthly

Minors 8-15 years old - Cannot use the Wellness Center even with a Parent or Guardian present

$2.50 - Day Pass


Minors 7 years and under

Access is free and minor must be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times.