General Department Information:

Business Office: Room 211, second floor of the East Field House
Fax: 831-459-4070 - Mailstop: OPERS


Aquatics includes Swimming and SCUBA

Joan R Mccallum

Cecilia J. Shin

  • Title
    • Head Of Recreational Scuba
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Matthew Rogness Nauman

Boating Program

The UCSC Boating Program is located at the FF Dock down at the Santa Crus Harbor.  The first day of instruction meets at OPERS in front of the East Field House at the start of class time.  Students are responsible for their own transportation to the harbor. For further information please contact the individual instructor of your class.

Russell L Kingon

Hilary Laura Scheer

Karen Marie Carlson


Rena Vivien Cochlin

Vicki M Bergland

Rachel Erin Peterson

Field and Court Sports

Includes: Basketball, Racquetball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

John Bardos

Chelsea George

Amy Jensen

Todd Louis Kent

Fitness Activities

Includes: Strengthening, Conditioning, Pilates, Tai Chi Chuan

Kia Michele Blaustein

Rena Vivien Cochlin

Todd Louis Kent

Jim Meyer

Dale Fred Strawhacker

Martial Arts

Including: Aidkido, Fencing, Self Defense, Tai Chi Chuan

Yoshihito Shibata

Dale Fred Strawhacker


Rena Vivien Cochlin

Kia Michele Blaustein

Laura Kathleen Broderick‑Burr

Henry Heikkinen

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    • Senior Web Application Developer
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Administrative Support Staff

Dustin Eli Smucker

  • Title
    • Associate Director of Recreation and Physical Education
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Katie Savacool

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Christy Ann Carson

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