Sammy Slug Summer Camp Registration Information


Two Ways to Register for Sammy Slug Summer Camp


Login/sign up at this ACTIVE NET link and pay with a credit card. There is a processing fee added to the total amount when you check out. The online portal will also automatically add and total the multi-family discount to each additional family member/camper registered for that week. The multi-family discount is applied to the full and half day session total and does not apply to pre and post camp care. 

Helpful Hints:

  • Online registration is the quickest way to ensure your camper is registered before a session fills up. 
  • If you do not already have an account with Activenet, you will need to create an account with username and password. Add each child as a family member in your account. Then you will select them as the participant, when adding a camp session to your shopping cart.
  • Each Pre-camp, Full Day Camp, Post-camp, etc. for each session is listed as a separate activity. You must add each one to your shopping cart separately.
  • You can create these accounts prior to registration opening so that when registration opens you simply need to complete that step. 


We strongly encourage you to register online if at all possible. Online registration is more immediate and provides you with same day confirmation that your spot is secure as sessions do and will sell out.

To use our paper form, please download and print out the REGISTRATION FORM and WAIVER. If you need more room on the Registration Form to include health or medical information, you may attach an additional sheet of paper. Write the name of participant (camper) at the top of the Waiver and sign as the parent/guardian. Your child will not be allowed to participate until the Waiver is signed and submitted. Please make all checks payable to UC REGENTS. If registering for multiple sessions you can use one check totaling the amount. Mail the check with the Registration Form and Waiver to OPERS/Sammy Slug Summer Camp, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064. This address is also on the Registration Form. Mail-in registration is paid by check, there is not a credit card option. A confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail. 

Please email us to see if there is room in a session you are interested in prior to sending in a registration form by mail. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Sammy Slug Summer Camp provides a limited number of scholarships. The application deadline for Summer 2017 is Wednesday, May 17th. For more info please e-mail 

Cancellation, Refund and Transfer Policy

All requests for Transfers must be submitted in writing on a TRANSFER REQUEST FORM.

All Cancellation/Refund requests must be submitted in writing on a REFUND REQUEST FORM.


Each participant may request one transfer per session at no charge. A
transfer is defined as any change from one session to another and will
be approved on a space available basis. For transfer requests to a
later session, the request must be submitted by the Wednesday prior to
the session that the participant is currently enrolled. For transfer
requests to an earlier session, the request must be submitted by the
Wednesday prior to the session that the participant is requesting to
attend. Additional transfers will be charged a $25 processing fee.
Participants may transfer their spots to siblings or step-siblings.
Sessions are not transferable to anyone outside the family.

Refund requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the
start of the session. Refund requests received after the deadline and
prior to the first day of the session must be accompanied with a
written medical excuse. A $25 processing fee will be deducted from the
refund. NO cancellation/refund requests will be accepted after a
session begins, even if the participant did not attend any portion of
the session. If the Camp Session is canceled by OPERS, a full refund will be issued. 

All refunds will be in the form of a check issued by UCSC. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Dismissal from Camp:

There are times when the camp must dismiss a child due to a
psychological, emotional or physical challenges that preclude the
child from participating safely or effectively in a group. Dismissal
will take effect only after consultation among the parents, camper,
and the camp director. Dismissal for the aforementioned reasons will
result in a complete refund for the unused days. On occasion,
dismissal may be necessary for disciplinary reasons. This action will
take effect only after consultation among the parents, camper, and the
camp director. If a camper is dismissed for disciplinary reasons,
there will be no refund for the unused days.

Dismissal Policy

The Sammy Slug Summer Camp is interested in the welfare of all
children. Participants in the Sammy Slug Summer Camp are expected to
follow the rules of the program and obey the direction of the staff.
A child’s failure or inability to follow rules or obey direction may
cause a serious discipline problem.  A serious disciplinary problem
may also occur when a child hampers the smooth flow of the camp
program by requiring constant one-on-one attention; inflicting
physical or emotional harm on other children; abusing staff or
demonstrating an inability to conform to the rules and guidelines of
the Sammy Slug Summer Camp program. If a child becomes a serious
discipline problem, the Camp Director will notify the parents or
guardians of the child(ren) and discuss a solution.  If improvement
does not occur or a solution cannot be determined, the Camp Director
may recommend that a child or children be dismissed from the program. The Camp
Director will discuss the situation with appropriate OPERS staff,
discuss the dismissal procedure with the parents, and proceed with the
dismissal. Acceptance into the program is conditioned on the above
policy, as is the right to dismiss a child from the program.

Dismissal Procedures

A participant may be dismissed from the program due to disruptive
behavior, illness, or injury. Children are entitled to a pleasant and
harmonious environment at the camp. The program cannot serve
children who display chronic or severely disruptive behavior.
Chronically disruptive behavior is defined as verbal or physical
activity, which may include but is not limited to such behavior that:

•       Requires constant attention from the staff.

•       Inflicts physical or emotional harm on children or staff.

•       Displays destructive behavior.

•       Continually ignores or disobeys Sports Camp safety rules.

•       Includes use or possession of illegal drugs, weapons, or explosives.

Reasonable efforts will be made to assist children in adjusting to the
program setting.  If a child cannot adjust to the program setting and
behave inappropriately, then the child may be dismissed.

Dismissal due to illness or injury will be at the discretion of the
Summer Camp Director.  This may include, but is not limited to
contagious diseases, and extended illnesses.