Employment Opportunities

2017 Sammy Camp Counselor Team

Sammy Slug Summer Camp offers opportunities for UCSC students to work on campus during the summer months. Interested and experienced graduate and undergraduate students should visit the UCSC Career Center website to search and apply for the position of Sammy Slug Summer Camp Coordinator and Sammy Slug Summer Camp Counselor. The application due date is April 30th. Applicants who advance beyond the initial review will be asked to provide a cover letter, professional resume, and three references. 

Additional information is listed below. Full position descriptions are listed on the Career Center website. Questions can be directed to Sammy Camp Info (sammcam@ucsc.edu)

Timeline of Employment:

Camp Training Week: June 18th - June 22rd
Camp Duration: June 25th - Aug. 17th
Employment Duration 4/03 - 8/18 (We will have training sessions until camp starts in June)
Time Off: Staff are allowed and encouraged to take five days off over the course of the summer. They may be taken consecutively or individually. The Camp Supervisor must be notified at least two weeks in advance.