Camp Theme Weeks

Sammy Slug Summer Camp is fresh and exciting every week! We offer a variety of actives related to the theme of each week, as well as other games and crafts. The following are descriptions and ideas of what your camper will engage in over the course of each theme week at Sammy Slug Summer Camp 2018!

Theme weeks and activities are subject to change. Additional details and logistics will be communicated the week prior to the start of each session via email to registered families.


    Unearth the Earth!

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    Week 1: June 25-29

    Sammy Camp will be kicking off the summer with Earth Week! We’ll have crafts and activities centered around nature and sustainability, a hike, and games like animal charades! On Friday dress up as your favorite plant or animal!

  • Funky Foods!

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    Week 2: July 2-6*

    Week Two is a time to get crazy with your food! We’ll be making crafts with food, playing Spaghetti Tag, and much more! On Dress Up Friday come dressed as your favorite food!


    *There will be no camp taking place on July 4. This week is prorated when enrolling.

  • Mad Scientists!

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    Week 3: July 9-13

    In week three of camp we’ll be making “potions”, performing science experiments, and playing some crazy games! We’ll be observing nature as scientists do on a hike around campus, and we may even get to see a real scientist in action!

  • Journey to Outer Space!

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    Week 4: July 16-20

    Journey with us into undiscovered realms in Week Four of camp! We’ll be making spaceships, playing out-of-this-world games, and celebrating the 48th anniversary of the first moon landing!

  • Cool Creatures!

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    Week 5: July 23-27

    Week Five is sure to be a favorite! We’ll be playing games like Sharks and Minnows, going on a Safari trip to observe animals, and doing crafts like making animal masks! Come dressed as your favorite animal for Dress Up Friday!

  • Campers to the Rescue!

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    Week 6: July 30 - August 3

    In Week Six of camp we will be learning about safety! We’ll be learning about firefighters, lifeguards, EMTs, and more. We may have firefighters come pay the campers a visit! We’ll also play games like Water Bucket Relay! For Dress Up Friday come wearing attire of your favorite rescuer or superhero!

  • Jump Into Books

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    Week 7: August 6-10

    For our seventh week of camp we might be visiting the library, seeing a real lecture hall, or taking a walk around the campus. We’ll be playing games and might even get a demonstration from some of the University’s players! Dress Up Friday will be blue and gold Sammy Slug themed!

  • Around the World

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    Week 8: August 13-17

    Come join us in our last week of camp to take a trip around the world! We’ll be creating our own new lands, making flags, and learning about cultures around the world! We will also be learning some words from other languages! All countries of the world have beautiful flags, pick your favorite and wear those colors for Dress Up Friday!

Check back with us later for updates to programming for Summer 2019!