Scuba Club

The UCSC Scuba Club, "Scuba Slugs", is a Non Competitive Sports Club open to scuba divers who are currently or have previously taken a SCUBA course at UCSC. Members are allowed to use the recreational program's scuba equipment for their dives provided they are organized club activities and courses. The club offers both skin and scuba diving throughout the year depending on the availability of equipment and dive leaders. The only club meeting occurs the first Sunday of each quarter at 6:00pm in the Dance Studio at the East Field Complex. If you can't make this meeting contact the Scuba Office at (831) 459-4518 or the SCUBA Club president at We encourage club members to come help with our Basic Scuba pool sessions offered every Wednesday, 2-5pm and Thursdays, 3-6pm. It is a good way to log more water time, hone your diving skills, meet new divers, and pass on "tricks of the trade" that you have developed or learned.

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Prerequisite for the Scuba Club:

  • Have taken or are currently taking a scuba class at UCSC.

If you are already Rescue- or DM-certified, then the following applies BEFORE you are allowed to dive with the Club:

  • Have Scuba Medical clearance on file with Cecilia Shin
  • TA 4 Basic pool sessions
  • Dive with one of our Scuba Classes (Advanced or Basic – see Calendar)
  • Complete the other Prerequisites
  • Possess personal skin gear – mask, snorkel, fins, booties, gloves, weight belt
  • Attend the “Skills Review” pool session, offered the 2nd Friday of the quarter
  • Paid club dues once a year ($50 at Fall quarter or $30 Winter or Spring quarters.)