Medical Requirements

SCUBA Medical Clearance

Students must obtain medical clearance from the UCSC Health Center before participating in any scuba dive. Please download and print out and read completely the UCSC Scuba Medical Packet (see below).

Instructions to complete the UCSC Scuba Medical Packet:

1. Click here to download the UCSC Scuba Medical Packet (PDF). Please print it out. 

2. See page 2 in the Packet for instructions on "How to Complete".

3. If you complete the scuba physical and lab work off campus, you will still need to make an appointment with the UCSC Health Center (831-459-2500) and get the Scuba Medical Packet signed off by an UCSC physician. YOU MUST BRING ALL COPIES OF YOUR LAB WORK TO THIS APPOINTMENT.

4. After the packet is signed off by the UCSC Health Center, please return the “Scuba Diving Medical Evaluation” form (see page 9 and 10) to Cecilia Shin by fax, mail, or tack onto the office door.

Fax:     (831) 459-4070, Attn: Cecilia Shin

Mail:    Cecilia Shin
            1156 High Street
            Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office: OPERS Building, 2nd floor, Administration

Even if you complete the physical and lab work, you still may NOT receive medical clearance from the UCSC Health Center if you have any medical conditions that make diving extremely hazardous. Some examples of contraindications are: asthma, insulin-dependent diabetic, pregnancy, repeated difficulty clearing your ear and sinuses, prone to panic or blackout. If you have any questions about this please email Cecilia Shin,