UC Santa Cruz Sports Clubs

Concussion Protocol

Sport-related concussion is a traumatic brain injury that results in change in brain function following a force applied directly or indirectly to the skull, resulting in rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain. A concussion may be accompanied by temporary loss of consciousness but is identified in awake individuals with measures of neurological and cognitive dysfunction. Participation in sport, especially contact and collision sports, increase one’s risk of concussion. Proper recognition and management is vital to prevent serious injury, prolonged return to play,  and potentially life-threatening complications. The purpose of this protocol is to guide the management of Sports Clubs participants at UC Santa Cruz.

Not all concussions present themselves in the same way and each case should be treated individually. Therefore, a team based approach involving the participant, coach, Athletic Trainer, and physicians should be utilized to determine when it is safe for a participant to return to play.

Below are the documents detailing the Concussion Protocol and the acknowledgement form to be completed by those participating in "high risk" activities.