Vendor Requirements

Sports Clubs organizations that wish to utilize on campus funds to pay vendors must go through the vendor on-boarding process with each new vendor. If the vendor has already been on-boarded with the university than an itemized quote will suffice in initiating a payment process.

This includes but is not limited to game officials, custom apparel orders, services, graphics work, advertising for events, etc. In order to pay a vendor, the Sports Clubs office and University of California Santa Cruz require the following to be completed:

  1. The vendor must have a completed 204 Payee Setup Form on file with the UC Santa Cruz FAR office. The form is linked here, however please note it is a fillable PDF file which means users will not be able to view it in the average Internet browser. Download the file first then open it locally on Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent software.
    • The completed form may be mailed or faxed to the address listed at the bottom of the form. We do not recommend emailing the form as most email is unencrypted and the completed 204 will contain sensitive identity information.
    • A W9 form may not serve as a substitute for a 204 form. 
    • Linked here are instructions on how to complete the form.
  2. The vendor must submit a quote at bare minimum 2 weeks ahead of the goods delivered and/or service date. If the quote is submitted a day before or even a week before the expected goods delivery or service payment will be delayed. The university utilizes a purchase order process for many vendors and as such, approval of the goods/service is required before goods delivery/service begins. Every time an invoice is delivered after the goods/service has been completed without a prior quote and purchase order it is a violation of university policy.
What's the difference between a quote and an invoice? 
  • A quote is a documented price estimate from a vendor detailing the goods and/or services requested, who the goods/services are meant for, and who the goods/services came from with full address and contact information. A quote is usually answered by a PO or purchase order from the buyer to the seller.
  • An invoice is a financial document requesting payment for work either completed or in progress.  The invoice should include the PO number to identify the validity of the document in addition to what was detailed on the quote and any changes if necessary.

Quote & Invoice Creation Tips

  • A quote is used for planning to purchase. An invoice is asking for final payment after the buyer has approved and committed to purchasing goods/services via purchase order after a quote has been received and approved for purchase.
  • Who: Who is providing the goods or services?  The quote and invoice should be on company letterhead, or be signed by the vendor.
  • Who the goods or services were provided to: Quotes and invoices should be addressed to the University at a University address. Quotes and invoices addressed to an individual at a non-University address should be questioned, with the explanation noted on the invoice.
  • What: What will be or has been purchased.  The quote should reflect an itemized list of goods or services to be provided. The invoice should reflect what has been provided updated and finalized pricing.  The invoice should include unit process, sales tax being charged, shipping/handling fees, and the total cost of the goods or services.
  • When: Quotes and invoices should be dated.  The invoice should include the date the goods or services were provided, if different from the invoice date.
  • Where: The invoice should note where services were performed, or the address where goods were picked up from or shipped to.
  • Why: The invoice, or supporting documentation, should indicate the reason for the purchase of goods or services.