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February 20, 2017 @ Slugapooza

The UC Santa Cruz Cycling team is made up of many guys and girls who love to have fun riding their bikes and want the opportunity to race. Some of us are very determined, hard working racers while others just want a friendly environment and race for fun. We have both a Road and Mountain Bike team. Both teams participate in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference (within USA Cycling) in a wide variety of events. The WCCC provides many categories for different experience levels so there is a place for everyone! Slug Cycling promotes athletes from both competitive and recreational backgrounds and we strive to maintain a reputation for bike safety, community involvement, and camaraderie. We’re the best way to ride and race bikes, meet people, and have fun! This is a Tier IA Team.

Slugs @ Slugapooza

The UC Santa Cruz Cycling Team has two goals:
1. Create the best and most supportive environment for students of UCSC who want to race bikes
2. Help any rider who has never raced to get the support they need to race for the first time and join the sport.

~ Defending California State Mountain Biking Champions - 2014 & 2015 ~ 

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