Ice Hockey Club

Slug 7-3 win over SFSU at the SAP Center

Our season begins with technical tryouts in fall quarter, weekly on-ice practices and off-ice training, and games throughout fall and winter quarter. We play as a D2 team in the PCHA, a league with in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) alongside UCD, UCB, SJSU, Stanford, UCSB, CLU, SRJC, SCU, and SFSU. We are looking for new players - anyone interested is encouraged to email our president!

Having first practice/tryout on Oct 1, in Nazareth Ice Oasis, Redwood City

~ We concluded our 2018-19 season with playoffs in Lake Tahoe and a game at the Shark Tank! ~ 

Club Contacts
Club President: Thomas Grass
Club Contact:


Ice hockey Lineup
Left to Right: Jared Penner, Kevin Durney, Junyan Mak, and Dakota Yackel 

In Picture: Junyan Mak




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