Racquetball Club

Racquetball is making a dramatic comeback and this is the place to go if you want to play competitively. This is a competitive club that is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. They compete against other schools in Northern California. This is a Tier IIB Team.

Team Practices:
Racquetball Courts on Monday and Thursday, 7:00-9:00pm

Club Contacts
Club President: Dane Elkins

Email: ucscracquetball@gmail.com

For reference, here are the links to our 2016-2017 tournaments

Fall '16, UC Berkeley: http://www.r2sports.com/website/event-website.asp?TID=18916
Winter '17, ClubSport Pleasanton: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=20330
Spring '17, UCSC: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=21587
Fountain Valley Collegiate Nationals

West Coast Racquetball Conference