Circus Slugs Club

We are Circus Slugs, the UCSC juggling and circus arts club!

If you are interested in juggling, diabolo, unicycle, hula hoop, poi spinning, contact juggling, staff spinning, slack line, acrobatics, clowning, mime, or any other circus art, this is the club for you! 

It doesn't matter what your art is, or whether you're a UCSC student or not. You're invited!

We welcome people of every skill level, and zero IS a skill level! If you don't know anything about juggling, we'll teach you! If WE don't know anything about, say, acrobatics, you can teach us!

From time to time we perform at various events, on-campus and off. If you're interested in getting updates about our meetings and events, send us an email at the address below!

Club Contact
Club President: Pierre Baudin
Club Contact:

For more information, visit us at our

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