Officer Resources


  1. Sports Clubs Handbook 2017-2018

  2. Schedule an Appointment

  3. Officer Training Registration 2018-2019

  4. Officer Training Assessment

  5. Sports Clubs Advisory Committee Application

  6. Facilities Reservations Spreadsheet

  7. Send Facility Requests to

  8. 204 Payee Set Up (Adobe Acrobat Reader Recommended)

  9. Invoice Generator

  10. Website Update Request

  11. Community Service Verification Form

  12. Print Request Form

  13. Under Armour Catalog

Strong Slug Logo (Download)

Participant Forms

For Sports Clubs Membership, please see Registration and Management

  1. Group Waiver 

  2. Individual Participation Waiver

  3. Permission to Release Education Record Information



  1. Incident Report

  2. Accident Report 

  3. Concussion Acknowledgement Form

  4. Report Hazing

  5. Crime Report

Travel and Expenses

Attention Club Members!  To become a driver for Sports Clubs you must go through a procedure known as Driver Authorization. This procedure includes attending a driver authorization meeting (multiple scheduled throughout the school year) and bringing the correct, valid, information to these meetings to be scanned and filed for our record. We request that if you wish to be authorized that you have your drivers license and auto insurnace in hand and ready to be copied. If you wish to drive a university vehicle we request that you have, in addition to the license and insurance, a defensive driving certificate and a DMV pull notice. These two forms can be found below.

  1. DMV Pull Notice

  2. Defensive Driver Certification

  3. Purchase Request Form

  4. UC Santa Cruz Basic Cash Handling Training

  5. Event Expense/Revenue Tracking Form

  6. Reconciliation (Funds) Form

  7. Sports Clubs Driver Checklist

  8. OPERS Van Rental Checklist

  9. Rec Van Procedures

  10. Off Campus Food Vendor (Prepackaged)

  11. Off Campus Food Vendor (Freshly Prepared)


  1. Volunteer Election of Worker's Compensation Coverage

  2. CANRA Mandated Reporting Form

  3. Coaches Contract (for coaches only)

  4. Staff-Volunteer Agreement Letter

 ** All non-fillable/able to be downloaded/pdf forms MUST be filled out and emailed back to or turned into the Sports Clubs Office. **