Competitive Sports Clubs

Ballroom Dance

Cross Country


Disc Golf



Ice Hockey

Men's Lacrosse

Women's Lacrosse  

Men's Rugby 

Women's Rugby 


Men's Soccer

Women's Soccer

Women's Softball 



Men's Ultimate

Women's Ultimate

Men's Water Polo

Women's Water Polo 

Please refer to the Facilities Reservation for a full list of practice times.

Competitive Sports Clubs at UC Santa Cruz are a focal point of student activities. The teams are student driven, student-managed, and are a crucial outlet for students while they simultaneously build skills outside the classroom to help them in their professional life after UC Santa Cruz.

Some activities require a physical in order to participate. All participants in recreational or competitive Sports Clubs are required to complete registration with each club they are joining. Due to the level of funding for Sports Clubs, you will be charged an administrative fee and possibly additional club dues for operations.