UCSC Sports Clubs

Welcome to the UCSC Sports Club website. UCSC Sports Clubs are split into two separate catagories: Competitive Sports Clubs and Non Competitive Sports Clubs. Competitive Sports Clubs compete against other Universities in sanctioned leagues, tournaments and matches. Non Competitive Sports Clubs either have two or less competitions per year or their focus is entirely at the recreational level. The Non Competitive Sports Clubs were previously titled Recreation Clubs. However, in an effort to gain uniformity and continuity, they have been combined into the collective title of Sports Clubs. 

All Sports Clubs are student driven and serve as a crucial recreational outlet. The basic philosophy of the Sports Club Program is two fold; first and foremost, it is to provide a healthy and supportive atmosphere that celebrates the respective activities as culture. Secondly, it is to be as effecient as possible while keeping within the parameters of sportsmanship and goodwill. There is no true uniformity between Sports Club teams. Some compete against other schools in set leagues while others have a more casual approach. Some compete against other Division III schools while others compete against the big schools in Division I. The single unifying aspect of all Sports Club Teams is their passion for sport.

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