Athletics Team Travel - Step by Step Guide

Coaches- Use the below information and links to guide you in making team travel plans and managing the financial aspects of travel reporting- start to finish. Your entire season's travel will be approved in advance by your travel budget request (form TBD). Unless otherwise stated, the best payment method is your Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card (CTE).

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Pre-Season: Booking Group Flights, Ground Transportation & Hotels:

When you know your game schedule for your sport season, start by making air-travel arrangements as far in advance as possible. Next you will work on arranging your ground transportation needs, and lastly lodging.

Travel by Air: Use Connexxus to insure your travel includes insurance and your team travel is easily tracked by UCSC Risk Services.

For travel when you require more than 6 tickets with the same itinerary:

  1. Use Connexxus provider- Anthony Travel to book your group flights with 6 or more tickets on the same itinerary. You can contact Anthony Travel at (877) 284-2254 to provide details for multiple trip needs. Provide your preferred departure and arrival airports, the time your team needs to arrive by & be back by and number of tickets needed.
  2. Anthony Travel will broker deals with airlines and email you the best group flight results matching your search criteria within a couple business days. After reviewing, contact Anthony Travel to request travel agreements with the chosen provider airlines. Some airlines may require a deposit per ticket, most do not.
  3. Anthony will provide the contract details, called the travel agreement, for each flight as well as an invoice for their fee $20 per ticket and the airlines ticket fees.
  4. Any changes, cancellations, name substitutions etc. should go through Anthony travel. Most changes will not have a charge when made before the utilization date (often around 45 days before travel. This date and all other important dates will be included in the travel agreement).

For less than 6 tickets with the same itinerary, or differing itineraries:

  1. Use Connexxus (Shorts, UC Travel, BCD Travel or Southwest) to book your flights online.

Ground Transportation: Determine if you will be driving, or chartering transport and if your needs are from the Santa Cruz area, or after air travel to your destination.

Coach driving the team?

  1. Recreation Van- Check availability through the recreation department.
  2. Fleet Services van rental- Use the UCCruz Reservation Form (Billing is direct for this service- You will provide a FOAPAL on the form)
  3. Connexxus Rental Van services- For local travel if option 1 & 2 are not available, or for after you've landed in your destination. Choose between UC Travel or BCD Travel to select your rental car company. Enterprise Vans are preferred as they have the most availability nationwide.

Chartering transportation? (Always by direct billing- purchase order or UCSC internal form)

  1. TAPS Shuttles- Use the Charter Shuttle Form (Note: Billing is direct for this service-You will provide a FOAPAL on the form)
  2. CruzBuy approved charters- Consult the list of UCSC Procurement approved charter bus companies by following this link: Approved Charter Bus Companies. After you've obtained a quote from an approved supplier use the CruzBuy vehicle rental/charter form and attach your charter quote to the requisition.
  3. CruzBuy un-approved charters- If the charter company you require is not local and not on the approved list, you will need to manually enter the supplier's information on the vehicle rental/charter CruzBuy form and procurement will begin the vendor onboarding process. As long as they meet UCSC's terms & conditions and have the appropriate insurance coverage, they will become a new approved supplier/"vendor".

Lodging: For group lodging use Connexxus to identify hotels that offer UC-contracted rates. When booking multiple rooms contact the hotel directly.

  1. UC-contracted vendor hotels-Use Connexxus to choose a hotel that offers UC-contracted rates. Call the hotel directly to request a group quote, a room-block agreement and to make sure you can pay with your CTE card for the entire group reservation as opposed to billing by room.  You may use your CTE card with a UC-contracted vendor regardless of the cost.
  2. Non-UC-contracted vendor hotels-You may use your CTE card to book rooms costing less than $5,000 total.
  3. If the cost is over $5,000 then Procurement would like to review these hotel orders, so please obtain them through a PO.  Please plan ahead and allow plenty of time for Procurement to complete their review and negotiation process.
  4. Any hotel requiring a signature (for Terms and Conditions related to a large block of rooms, for example) on behalf of the University of California  (for any of the scenarios above), must be routed to Procurment (Business Contracts) for signature.  Travelers can sign on behalf of themselves, but cannot sign on behalf of the University. 
  5. Remember to let the hotel know that UCSC is tax exempt to decrease the taxes applied to your bill. Please complete an exemption certificate during the registration process at the hotel.
Additional Notes:
  • Using Connexxus: Because you are using your CTE, you will not need a trip number. If there is ever a point when the system asks for a trip number or “reference number” you can enter 0000.
  • Ensure that Adobe Acrobat Pro is installed on your computer in order to use the necessary UCSC travel forms. Remember when opening UCSC travel forms, right click and save as (to your desktop or preferred location) to have it open in an editable PDF format.

Pre-Travel Financial Planning:

  • Determine the group leader for each trip in advance, and ensure that person (usually a coach) is prepared to be responsible for all appropriate group travel expenses. This includes checking the balance of the CTE and requesting a temporary limit increase if necessary.
  • If cash will be necessary to pay for on site game day registration or for student athlete meals for example, the group leader should complete a Travel Advance Request (TAR) for the necessary amount of cash required.

Best Practices While Traveling:

  • Keep all receipts organized, including explanatory notes as needed. You will determine which receipts  are to be provided afterward when you prepare your post travel documentation based on UCSC travel policy (link to receipt policy here).
  • Insure the group leader pays for all travel expenses.

Post-Travel Documentation:

  • Please refer to the OPERS Staff Toolbox for instructions on reconciling your team travel.
  • If you have a UCSC Corporate Travel and Entertainment (CTE) card, then you will use the Travel and Entertainment Reimbursement ​Form (TERF) to reconcile your statement on a monthly basis. When you must spend out-of-pocket, the TERF is your vehicle for receiving reimbursements (instead of the old method of using a Direct Payment Form).

For Questions contact: (Procurement)