CTE Reconciliation Forms and Reference Library

CTE Reconciliation Forms and Reference Library

Primary Reconciliation Worksheet Forms and Instructions:
CTE Reconciliation Worksheet
Instructions - CTE Reconciliation Worksheet

Additional UCSC Forms:
UCSC CTE Card Lost/Missing Receipt form (used when you are missing a receipt or a required itemized receipt even though you have the overall receipt)
ERA - Entertainment Reporting Addendum (required whenever you serve food that is not related to travel meals)
ERA How To instructions
Travel & Entertainment (and Cash Advance) Repayment Form


CTE Usage Q&A
Account and Activity Codes 
Default FOAPAL Cheat Sheet
Travel Guide from Financial Affairs
Entertainment Guide from Financial Affairs
General Supplies Reimbursement Guide (for items previously reimbursed via Direct Pay Form)
Awards/Gifts (non-cash, Employee) policy
Awards/Gifts (non-cash, Non-Employee) policy

General Instructions:
US Bank Online Account Sign In
US Bank CTE Card Account Registration (information from US Bank about how to register for on-line access to your card account)
CTE Card Account Management Tools  (supplemental UCSC document about how to use on-line access to your card account including company short name required for sign in)

For Assistance:
For travel-related questions refer to the Travel Guide Help section
For entertainment-related questions refer to the Entertainment Guide Help section
For technical form questions contact: ctecard@ucsc.edu  for all UCSC forms and scasciat@ucsc.edu for the CTE Reconciliation Worksheet form


"Administrative process within Athletics and Recreation for TERF processing"