OPERS Staff Toolbox

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Welcome to the OPERS Staff Toolbox. This is a resource page to assist all OPERS staff with information on UCSC and OPERS policies, procedures and business operations. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions to help you find what you need:

Who is the OPERS Volunteer Coordinator?

As of  February 4, 2015, Christy Carson is the OPERS Volunteer Coordinator. If you have any questions about the process, contact Christy at cacarson@ucsc.edu

Who is eligible to be a Volunteer?

There are criteria that must be met to be eligible to sign up as a volunteer. For instance, someone who is a UCSC Staff employed full time by the University is not eligible to sign up as a volunteer. Volunteers are subject to the same Staff HR policies and if a person is already employed 100% of the time, a volunteer assignment would take them over 100%. 

Do Volunteers need to get a background check?

Yes. All volunteers are required to have a background check with the exception of student volunteers which will be determined on a job specific basis .

How do Volunteers get access to OPERS facilities?

If the Volunteer is a current student, they are able to access the facility with their Student ID card. If they already have an OPERS Facility Usage Membership, they are able to gain access with their membership card. If they do not have either of these, the supervisor completes an OPERS Facility Access Form and submit with Volunteer paperwork. 

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