OPERS East Field House Concrete Entryway Replacement Project happened in 2016.

Pictures of the demolition and construction are posted for informational purposes. 

Project Description

This project is a maintenance / barrier removal project consisting of removal of eight sycamore trees and their root balls as well as demo and replacement of approximately 6,000 SF of broken surrounding concrete pavement in order to restore drainage and safe path of travel.  Work includes replacement of existing site lighting and benches located in the area of paving as well as the installation of new planting areas with landscaping to replace the removed sycamores.  New paving is an element of the path of travel to the main entrance to the building and shall comply with CBC 11B-202 and CA Title 24.

  • Site plan for contruction and cement work
  • Removing  cement slabs from OPERS
  • Lots of cement in a pile in front of opers.
  • Front Entrance of OPERS with trees from the late 80's
  • Trees from the front entrance
  • Roots being removed by heavy equipment.
  • Heavy equipment removing roots
  • Pile of roots removed from the entrance to opers
  • Rough grading of subgrade with Sheepsfoot roller
  • Workmen using augers to make holdes for light poles
  • Workmen getting the rebar in place
  • Rebar and wooden forms in place for cement pour
  • Setting part of the form into place
  • Working to get pieces into place
  • workmen making sure the area is ready for the cement
  • the cement is starting to fill the forms
  • first part of long section of concrete
  • view of the work from higher ground
  • The last section of the first pour with many things happening at once
  • The begining pattern of the cement seen with the morning fog
  • view of the cement pattern is starting to be revealed