Facility Reservation

    Reservation Process

  • All persons or organizations requesting use of facilities needs to submit an OPERS Facility Use Permit to the OPERS Event Coordinator, three weeks prior to the event. Email the completed form to the OPERS Event Coordinator, Marcus Wirth (mwirth@ucsc.edu).

    SOAR Organizations-consult SOAR advisors.
    Residential Life- consult College Program Coordinators.

    Rental Fees: Facilities are rented by the hour. Rental rates are based on the Misc fees/schedule which are approved by the Office of Planning and Budget.

    Hours include the client's set-up and clean-up time. Rental fees do not include insurance fee, food or beverage service, Enviormnetal Health and Safety services, Fire Chief or Electrician fees.

    Payments must be received prior to the event. 

    Payment Method: FOAPAL, Recharge Form, Cash, Check, or Credit Card

    Google is the campus online calendar service for faculty and staff that facilitates group scheduling and shared calendar access. OPERS uses Google to schedules programs, classes or events within each facility, under the OPERS resources section within the Cruz Time calendar.  OPERS facilities are listed as its own resource, with 27 available resources.